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3 months ago
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Welcome to our redesigned website

By Ben

Welcome to The Lane Report’s redesigned website for Kentucky business news. We’re glad you’re here.

Please explore, whether by mobile device, tablet or desktop. Our goal is a more pleasant experience, one that brings you back to daily for the latest information.
The redesign emphasizes our commitment to daily business news content. We gave The Faster Lane section a bigger footprint on the homepage to offer more new and breaking news headlines. Content from the latest issue of The Lane Report magazine is on the righthand column of the page.
Our Market Reviews, NEXT stories and Health Kentucky special section all have their own permanent places on the homepage below The Faster Lane and the latest-issue stories.
We’ve also added Most Popular Stories to the right rail and a stock ticker featuring publicly held Kentucky businesses scrolls across the top.
If you like to read our site from your mobile phone or tablet, you will notice how friendly the new site is on all devices. We now have a responsive website, which automatically changes to fit the device you’re on.
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Cloud Computing: Is It For Real?
Kentucky businesses looking to get leaner are sifting through the haze and hype

Mixing Business with Leisure
Despite air market retractions, low-cost flights to vacation spots take wing

Research Finding: Benchwork Is Big Bucks
With an annual budget topping $500 million, university research in Kentucky is creating jobs and attracting business

Wireless Network Wars
With voice service transforming into data consumption, communications giants spend hundred of millions in Kentucky

Balance Sheets Before Jobs
Until consumer demand increases, profitable corporations have no good reason to hire or expand

Healthcare Uncovers Demand for Slumber
Sleep disorder facility numbers grow with realization that what keeps millions awake at night is treatable

Mission to China
Commerce Lexington, Kentucky Chamber delegations tour­­ nation

Design-Build Is In Style
Single-contract, team approach for project architecture, engineering and construction now the norm for large jobs

Wanted: The Renaissance Worker
Informatics field grows as business, especially healthcare, seeks staff to handle data across multiple platforms

2012 Outlook: Proceed With Caution
Improving manufacturing, record agricultural income,morale-boosting projects around the state provide some lift for 2012

A Passion for Pure Barre
Clients of a women-centered fitness studio in Lexington are so enthused they’ve become franchisees in several states

Hospitality Outlook 2012
Kentucky hospitality officials expect a 2-4% growth, while restaurateurs see another tight year ahead

Teaching the Teachers’ Teachers
Chamber program pursues goal of better education by giving principals executive leadership training

A Maturing Business Sector
Long-term-care insurance rate hikes are rising with the median age of Kentucky population

Accommodating the Caregiver Employee
Workplace policies needed to accommodate rising number of workers caring for aging parents

Equine Market Looks for Balance
Battered Kentucky Thoroughbred industry sees hints of daylight around the sales barn

Kentucky Crops Travel Abroad
Agricultural export trade accounts for a third of commonwealth’s farm cash receipts

Livestock Auction Markets Regionalize
Today only 30-plus sites serve Kentucky’s 38,000 cattle producers

Women to Watch
The four in this issue are among the many such women The Lane Report editorial board has identified.

Quietly Making Things Happen
Having linked Louisville’s unsung influencers, community ‘connectors’ project to launch in Central Kentucky next year

The Gold Standard for Energy Systems
Fort Knox power system remake cuts utility use by 40 percent, trims bills $10 million a year

Trade Route to India
State forging ties with enormous emerging market; Indo-Kentucky Chamber spouts in Barren River area

Legal Services: Slow Improvement in 2012
Law firms still have their belts tightened but expect improved results in the coming year

Accounting Services: Growth and Change in 2012
Accounting sector foresees rising demand for business services and expects firm mergers

False Security and the Financial Crisis
Add an inverted yield curve to artificial pricing of money and risk by Fed and FDIC, and you incent bad decisions

Louisville’s Green Entrepreneur
NuLu creator and environmental empresario Gill Holland works the business side of arts

Mixing Family and Business
Successful multi-generational operations require knowing where personal and professional conflict is likely to arise

Still Building in Kentucky
Despite recession and aftermath, Commonwealth has billions in active building projects

Gaining Traction
Surviving national consolidation, Kentucky vehicle manufacturing emerges stronger than before

A Tale of Two Cities
More favorable tax policy and labor laws have helped Nashville grow faster than Louisville

Marketplace of Degrees
Scores of new programs and degrees keep Kentucky’s 89 colleges and universities -and students – competitive

Kentucky Grows More Urban
Commonwealth part of global trend: shift toward cities, lower birthrates, aging population, minority-driven growth

Wine’s Kentucky Homecoming
After Prohibition induced a 80-year hiatus, nation’s former top grape state again sprouting dozens of vineyards

Maker’s Marketing Genius
Bill Samuels Jr. passing the reins to son Rob after remaking Ky’s Bourbon industry into a world-beater

Banking: New Technology Is All Thumbs
Rise of mobile phone banking meets customer desire for a wider array of fast and convenient service

Ky Banking Outlook: Defining the ‘New Normal’
Slow but positive momentum building in 2011

Management: Tapping into Cash Flow
Louisville company hits a growth spurt by specializing in purchasing management for others

Wealth Management: Reforming a Changing Industry
Kentucky advisers expect a mixed bag of better protection for investors and unintended consequences

Cautious Optimism
Kentucky firms prepare for better times by finding efficiencies and making strategic hires since sector downturn began in 2008

2011 Accounting Outlook
Accounting: Investment Incentives Will Boost Business

2011 Legal Outlook
Legal Services: Economy Showing Signs of Recovery

Others’ Success Is the Payoff
Venture capitalist Ray Moncrief has been building entrepreneurship in Southeastern Kentucky for 25 years

Good Things Beginning to Happen in 2011
Kentucky’s private sector begins to see improvement in manufacturing, business investment; public sector still focused on doing more with less

Prep Magazine – Ethiopian Cuisine With Culture
Slowly at first, Queen of Sheba restaurant gains foothold in Louisville

Prep Magazine – Passion for Work Pays Off
Stephanie Meeks buys Jack Fry’s after owner picks her to be buyer

Partly Sunny, But Keep An Eye On Those Clouds
Banks and businesses have improved balance sheets and see 2012 building on improvements seen in 2011

Major Verdicts and Settlements
In business cases, Kentucky courts clarify contract law-tort law claims, LLC capital calls and bank-borrower responsibility

Reaching Kentucky’s Unbanked
With education, 600,000-plus households could avoid fees and be ready when U.S. agencies go to direct deposit in 2013

More Interest in Business Loans
Commercial and industrial lending went up 10 percent in 2011 and is rising as those with strong balance sheets invest

Louisville Arena Board Creates State’s New Economic Engine
KFC Yum! Center moves from the drawing board to reality

Hub of the Horse Industry
The Kentucky Horse Park is ‘the center of the hub’ for regional, national and international equine organizations

Equine Education Is a Growth Industry
Kentucky colleges are responding to rising demand for horse-oriented degrees

Ky Incentives Make ROI Numbers Work
In just one year, Kentucky has leveraged revenue growth from business investments to ink deals worth $3.1 billion

Infrastructure for Entrepreneurs
IdeaFestival thinkers foster innovation and creativity essential to growing Kentucky’s business

Diamonds from the Rough
Housing Authority spins $20 million grant into a sparkling new neighborhood project totaling nearly $100 million

Strategic Partnership
Keeneland allies with one of the nation’s oldest luxury resorts to expand its customer base

Kentucky Team Prepares for Success
Years of World Equestrian Games planning enters the execution phase at the Kentucky Horse Park

An Extended Bottom
Kentucky construction contractors compete hard for jobs; manufacturing, multi-family housing show improvement

Good Water, Good Science, Good PR
Louisville pure tap® marketing campaign continues to turn bottled water trend in utility’s favor

Abusing the Bottom Line
State’s drug and alcohol misuse rates highlight the need for and value of good workplace policies

Rewiring the Job Market
Faster and cheaper than a degree, certificate program credential numbers up 473 percent in Kentucky since 2001-02

The Enemy We Know
CDC Chief: Prevention, intervention ‘best buys’ for America’s health

BEAM Focusing on Workforce Issues
Louisville-Lexington must increase skilled worker production

Kentucky Carmakers Hit the Gas
As market demand accelerates, Ford, Toyota and GM all make long-term commitments with new models, major reinvestments

A World Freight Crossroads
Logistics giants UPS and DHL each operate major international hubs in Kentucky — and they’re still growing

Dimmer Outlook For Energy Sector
Environmental regulations and new energy sources add up to higher costs and prices for Kentucky’s producers and consumers

New York Entrepreneur Reopening Somerset Petroleum Refinery
Invested $1,175,500 in refinery that has an estimated replacement cost of $60 million

Healthier Financial Incentives
Humana and Norton Healthcare pilot program is leading national effort to craft accountable care organization

The Town-Gown Dilemma
Higher education not meeting job market demand for STEM skills

Cutting Edge of Legal Innovation
Bar association honors new Kentucky firm’s online intake tool as nation’s leading advance in eLaw

$2.6 Billion Ohio River Bridges Project Brings More Than Jobs, Contractor Cash
Kentucky, Indiana to choose contractors later this year

Ultra High-Speed Internet
Build-out comes slowly in Kentucky and everywhere else as market watches for signs that service is financially sustainable

A Lot on the Ball
Ball Homes manages to climb the national Builder 100 list – up 41 spots in three years – during the worst downturn in generations.

Bio 2010
Kentucky looks for technology businesses at BIO in Chicago

Leadership Expedition
Louisville, Lexington delegations study Pittsburgh’s transformation

Real Estate Deals Go Digital
Buyers and sellers can take a transaction up to closing without handling, signing or crossing out any paper

Comments from Kentucky’s leaders on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of The Lane Report
Comments from Kentucky’s leaders on the 25th Anniversary of The Lane Report

Developing An Advantage
Mayfield’s Mid-Continent University’s adult education program grows Kentucky grads by sending faculty to the students

High-Impact Education
Centre College sets the bar high and tops it with a culture of enthusiastic achievement

Re-Engineering Staffing
Recessionary layoffs allow healthcare companies to sharpen their business processes

One-On-One: Ed Lane
Publisher Ed Lane discusses how he came to Central Kentucky, went into business, started a magazine and entered politics

Kentucky Bridges, National Impact
Enhanced Ohio River crossings will alleviate U.S. transportation and commerce chokepoints

Luxury & Sophistication
Six Kentucky hotels rate one of AAA’s highest stamps of approval for service with style

Putting Recalls in the Rearview Mirror
Toyota gives its top Kentucky executive St. Angelo key quality control oversight role for company

Cities, Counties Cutting Budgets
Recessionary ‘triple whammy’ wallops local government revenues – and worst is yet to come

In the Niche of Time
Elizabethtown bank boosts bottom line with military allotment service that makes life easier for troops

Reinventing the Workplace
Time is money, but control of that time is even more valuable

A Sense of Community
Local flavor builds commerce along Louisville’s Frankfort Avenue

Entrepreneur’s Helper
Kentucky ranks 36th nationally in venture capital fund investment, averaging $32 million in recent years

Into the Big Leagues
Union of Chilton & Medley with Mountjoy & Bressler creates a statewide network of 100-plus accountants

IP Practices Growing
Economic shift from manufacturing to research and design puts a premium on patent law

Legal Practices See Modest Improvement Continuing / CPAs Expect High Demand for Accounting Services
Legal Practices See Modest Improvement Continuing Kentucky’s legal service community sees the early stages of economic recovery and expects slow, gradual improvement in the economy to bring in more business. Some of that business will cleaning up the debris of the recession, such as in bankruptcies. Meanwhile, an uptick in construction is boosting ‘green’ practice, […]

2010 Outlook
Kentucky’s leaders expect a more efficient economy to slowly move forward this year

20th-Century Titans
Kentuckians on Harvard list of century’s top business leaders

Rough Ride
Equine industry’s painful correction gets worse as lenders tighten operations or stop lending at all

What Recession?
Kentucky’s biggest hospital operations add $1.2 billion in capital expansion during economic contraction

Building a Biotech Base
State’s best-in-nation matching funds program for federal awards is bringing small tech firms to the commonwealth

Digital Remedy
Commonwealth providers find electronic health records cut costs and improve quality and efficiency of care

Kentucky’s Newest Medical School
Pikeville College School of Osteopathic Medicine boosts regional economy as it addresses rural physician shortage

Wireless Entrepreneur
Lexington native builds a deal to locate telecom antenna on local signs into a national marketing business

Digital Remedy
Commonwealth providers find electronic health records cut costs and improve quality and efficiency of care

Weather Radars Are Revenue Rainmakers
TV stations invest heavily in high-tech systems because forecasts bring viewers to moneymaking newscasts

Research Sprouts in Richmond
EKU enters biomass-to-biofuel exploration with California tech firm

University Research
Stem Cell Trial by UofL Doctors Puts Heart Failure Patient Back on Track

Louisville market doubles its neurosurgeon ranks – and expands research – after Norton enters new specialty

A Weak Recovery
Public and private debt loads limit prospects of significant increases in spending anytime soon

Company’s Coming
Hotel industry is ready; CVBs statewide are prepared to pitch to 500,000 WEG visitors

Goodwill to All
After 25 years of expansion, Roland Blahnik is still pursuing aggressive mission for non-profit

Equine Medical Center of the World
Kentucky offers an unmatched concentration of high-tech veterinary expertise for the horse

It’s Always Scam Season Part II It’s Always Scam Season Part II
Statistics are rare, but Kentucky bankers find decades-old ploys are still active

Who’s who
Guiding volunteer boards behind the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Something to Crow About
Kentucky chicken producers challenge equine as top earning agribusiness sector

It’s Always Scam Season
Statistics are rare, but Kentucky bankers and law enforcement find decades-old ploys are still active

Charging into the Green Economy
Kentucky is positioned to become the national epicenter for advanced battery research, design and manufacturing

Getting Smarter
Recession motivates students, the unemployed, veterans and new entries in the workforce to enroll in postsecondary educational programs.

Leading the charge
Forcht Group President Debbie Reynolds’ vision for the company has helped set a clear course for expansion and growth

‘Sell what you can sell’
CVBs look to regional market, upgrades to keep dollars moving

One-On-One: Jim Gray
Lexington Mayor Jim Gray discusses new developments in the city, budget issues and applying solid business practices to government

Corporate Moves — Oct. 2012
New leadership for Kentucky businesses

UpTech — Building an Information Cluster
Five-year UpTech accelerator program aims to seed informatics industry in Northern Kentucky

Kentucky Banks Play It Safe
Thanks to conservative lending and investment practices, the commonwealth’s banking system is still among safest in the nation

Kentucky Banks Prepared for a Tough ’09
Bankers expect difficult business decisions to last into next year

Stimulating or Politicizing?
A bigger government role in the economy likely to mean misdirected efforts and less productivity

Retooling Kentucky’s Automotive Industry
Nation’s No. 3 carmaking state crafts incentives to keep top-paying manufacturing sector in gear

2009 Will Be Challenging Time for Legal Practices
Financial squeeze on clients could bring changes in billing

Country Doctor Redux
New UK Medical School program addresses the need for physicians in rural Kentucky

Monetizing Intellectual Property
Your company could have non-coreinformation that’s exploitable for cash

Moving into the LEED
Certified ‘green’ construction movement creates a new specialty in legal practice

2009 Forecast
A look into the coming year: In the midst of a recession, Kentucky business expects challenging year

Balancing Budgets and Ambitions
Senate, House and Governor contend with financial shortfall Senate, House and Governor contend with financial shortfall

he Power of Capitalism
Keep the free-market economy free from government intervention

Regionalizing Hospital Care
Kentucky’s health care providers reach out via networks to optimize patient care, create operational efficiencies and profit.

First Treat the Fear Factor
For the past eight years, Valerie Williams has taken her 9-year-old niece, Jerrita Williams, for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) sessions at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville to monitor the girl’s brain tumor. MRIs provide doctors with detailed images of soft tissue, bones, organs and other internal structures from a variety of angles. But they can […]

Informatics? It Means Efficiency
NKU health information technology program is one of fewer than a dozen nationally

Wallet-Sized Medical History
ichmond company’s digital product gives patients convenient, complete control of their records

New Gold for Kentucky’s Economy
Fort Knox area booms as Army brings in battalions of higher-paid personnel

A Pep Rally for Boldness
Kentucky must encourage change to compete in today’s economic environment

Commentary on U.S. Economy
The Financial Market Meltdown: Whatever Happened to Capitalism? By John Garen and Kenneth Troske U.S. financial markets are sometimes thought of as a bastion of capitalism, where investors, lenders and borrowers mutually agree to deals ranging from the safe and secure to speculative ones with the potential of huge success but with the risk of […]

E-mail Fatigued?
Efficiency techniques tame the inbox and make it an invaluable tool rather than a productivity killer

University Research
ischer-Tropsch Is Turning Kentucky’s Coal and Biomass into Ultra Clean Fuels Discovered by two German scientists in the 1920s, the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process uses a catalyst (a reaction accelerator) to convert syngas to hydrocarbons.

Our Cup Runneth Over
Direct impact $120 million, but Louisville, state expectongoing payoff from hosting world at successful Ryder Cup

Convention Competition
Kentucky facility operators get repeat business by focusing on friendly, customized services to make gatherings memorable and pleasant

Leap Frog
Louisville restaurateur J.D. Rothberg wins big by leaping his Napa River Grill to a new pond

Responding to Financial Chaos
With the recent passage of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 by the U.S. Congress, the editors of The Lane Report decided to collect a cross sample of past and present quotations and comments about global economics, the U.S. economy and the

A Tighter Rein
Niche equine operations challenged by rising costs

A Brand Built by Quality
Kentucky’s equine economic cluster has multibillion-dollar annual impact

In the Company of Colonels
Kentucky Colonels remains a rank of distinction;order’s good works benefit more than 150 groups

Place Your Bets
A primer on the ins and outs of wagering

What’s Their Secret?
Some find positive-attitude conceptsof Law of Attraction do boost business

Education: Endowment Yield is Long-Term Stability
Patience, compound interest turn Kentucky college donations into a firm foundation for the future

Bigger Systems, Better Healthcare
Hospitals merging, partnering to survive as shift to population health management continues

Exports: Made in Kentucky, Shipped to the World
State’s exports are growing by $1 billion a year – with plenty of help for those seeking foreign markets

Winners At The Track Keep Creating Kentucky Thoroughbred Sales Success
Foreign buyers are wary, but know the Bluegrass is where the world’s champions come from

Economy Likely to Continue ‘Muddling Though’
Policy gridlock, lack of ideas likely to keep slow U.S. economy in current mode, economic strategist says

Raising Coin
Despite rising expenses, Kentucky farmers expect near record profits

Million Dollar Woman
eteran event fundraiser Tonya York Dees talks about the work that makes Louisville’s new crop of major events possible

Top 10 Advertising Mistakes to Avoid
It pays to put your message and brand before customers in a controlled manner

Gushing Again
High demand for energy is giving new life to Kentucky’s oil and gas industry

Gone to Texas: Commerce Lexington’s 69th annual leadership visit to Austin
Commerce Lexington’s 69th Annual Leadership Visit to Austin (June 4-6, 2008), attracted 275 business, political and professional leaders from Central Kentucky and around the state. The Austin trip focused on live entertainment in the city, education and economic development, supporting entrepreneurial businesses, thinking outside the box (“weird”-ness has become an Austin trademark) and affordable housing.

Soft Landing
Kentucky real estate faring much better than the falling national market

Change Order
Commercial real estate and construction downshift, but keep moving   While a national economic slowdown and credit crunch have impacted Kentucky, too, members of the commonwealth’s commercial real estate and construction sector are maintaining a degree of optimism about the marketplace in the state That’s a reflection of the moderate stance the state kept as […]

Finding the Keys Part II
University of Kentucky researchers identify opportunities for greater prosperity   As part of the UK study on economic growth in Kentucky, researchers spoke with consultants who specialize in helping businesses select sites and with officials in economic development offices in the comparison states (Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina). Inquiries with site consultants were structured […]

Grab the Microphone
Boost your private business with public speaking

Location, Location, Location
Five components of restaurant and business site selection usually create formula for success

Finding The Keys
University of Kentucky researchers identify opportunities for greater prosperity   In 1939, Kentucky ranked 44th out of 48 states in per capita personal income.  In 1970, Kentucky ranked 44th out of 50 states in per capita personal income, and in 2004, Kentucky was still the sixth-poorest state in the union with average earnings of $27,151 […]

Boomers Pass the Workplace Torch
Gen X, Gen Y look for feedback andlots of it, want that team feeling, mentoring

Class Action
MBA programs are a means of financial growth for Kentucky businesses and individuals

Rehab for an Industry
Physical therapy entrepreneur Larry Benz now working to transform his entire profession
Kentucky exporters see their business grow 83 percent in five years as U.S. currency loses value abroad

Growing Agritourism
Kentucky farmers increasingly findprofits in hosting their urban brethren

Private Advice for Public Business
Cutting Funding for Postsecondary Education would be Devastating for the Entire Commonwealth

Chemistry Lesson
Businesses using chemicals on new Department of Homeland Security anti-terrorism list face new reporting obligations

Energy, Enterprise, Empire
Billion-dollar bank group is only one product of Terry Forcht’s tireless work ethic

Focus on Sound Business Practice in 2008
National slowdown an opportunityfor those who’ve been prudent;fourth quarter may see recovery   Banking ‘Uncertainty’ is a word we keep hearing from our business customers and prospects as they discuss their outlook for 2008. Interest rates, a volatile stock market, credit concerns arising from the problems in the mortgage arena, the presidential election and the […]

Dodging a Bullet
A unique insurance program cuts risks and costs for state’s municipalities û and the taxpayers

Behind the Buzz
Tax Increment Financing? Plan on getting to know lawyers, accountants and government officials

NKU’s New Arena
Bank of Kentucky Center expected to attract events and patrons from multistate region

Tightening Economy Creates Legal Work
Amid slower growth, state’stop attorneys foresee mergers, protection of assets   “The growth of the University of Kentucky, especially the medical megaplex, will continue to be a major economic stimulant for Central Kentucky. Sometime in the spring of this year, it will occur to us that there is no reason for a housing slump in […]

Nominations Being Accepted for 2008 American Business Awards
Entries are being accepted for the sixth annual American Business Awards, which serve to honor exemplary performances in business, from top executives and organizations to sales teams and support staffers. The awards program is open to organizations of all types – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. Entries may be submitted in […]

2008 Forecast
A look into the coming year

Potential For Decline
The U.S. economy in 2008 will continue to be assailed by high oil prices, a falling dollar and declines in home prices

Starting to Click
Kentucky’s e-Health initiative expects major efficiencies from electronic medical record keeping

Investing in Employees’ Health
Companies earning 3-to-1 return on their workplace wellness dollars

Success on Tap
Chain franchise veteran Nick Sanders takes The Pub concept to quick profitability

The High-Tech Cow
Kentucky cattlemen streamline operations, reap better sales by using latest technology

Your Best Investment Bets
Professionals recommend long-term view for managing wealth

Hot Wiring Kentucky
ConnectKentucky collects accolades for solving the puzzle of how to blanket an entire state with broadband service. Now it’s taking on the nation.

Cyber Farming
AgConnections builds a farm records software business by making it easy to use

University Research
Scientific faculty at the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville are creating new technology

What Are Your Customers Really Saying?
How developing better listening skills can make a difference in your business

Lowdown on the Drought
With record-setting weather officially a disaster, many learn new business skills

A Race Against Time
Gov. Fletcher steadily narrowing gap with Steve Beshear but will need a burst to win

Veteran Retreats
Northern Kentucky a Top 10 destination for military gatherings; Bowling Green on the march, too

Perspective: Same Song, Next Verse
2013 General Assembly will see new faces, familiar issues

Demand-Side Economics: Taking a Look at Nominal GDP targeting
What are the policy’s implications for Kentucky?

Analysis Paralysis
Avoid consensus overload and keep the venture moving forward with rapid yet thoughtful decisions

Endowments: High Returns, Broad Impact
Part II: Future Profits

Kentucky Space Wants Financial Stardust
Its engineering is earning global notice, gaining the state a foothold in the entrepreneurial aerospace industry

Tricky sailing in Frankfort
Gathered on the riverfront, veterans and new faces see turbulence

How will the economy roll in 2013 for you?
Kentucky’s leaders forecast a year of improvement and steady growth

Lexmark’s imaging makeover
Evolving business solutions provider showcases new solutions software, multifunction product hardware strategy

Women worthy of note
Women who are making a difference in the commercial life of Kentucky

State embracing federal healthcare reform
Kentucky’s medical community has been busy implementing healthcare act since its 2009 passage

Technology adds up for CPAs
Increasingly, accounting firms find productivity gains with latest digital products and services

Accounting outlook: Slow growth, reform and tax change will keep CPAs busy
Leaders of Kentucky’s major accounting firms talk about what they expect in 2013 for their firms and Kentucky as a whole

Business law: The gavel had impact in 2012
Upholding of Affordable Care Act was most significant court case of the year for Kentucky businesses

Legal outlook: Slow, steady growth
Multiple sectors of Ky. economy beginning to recover from post-recession bottom

Providers predict a very big year for healthcare
2013 is expected to be fraught with ‘budget dilemmas and tough choices’ for the healthcare industry

Venture capital: Start-up funding seeds sprouting
Club know-how growing thanks to neighborly attitudes and Kentucky Innovation Network support

Banking outlook: Economic signs grow increasingly optimistic
Banks and financial advisers see slow, steady improvement in 2013

Kentucky communities need same tools as competitors in other states
Alliance of mayors, judge/executives supports local-option sales tax

Examining health insurance mandate options
Low-benefit plans being penalized; buying through state exchange offers 50 percent tax incentive

Health care energizes Louisville economy
Innovation in delivery, logistics and wellness powers a vast economic engine

Churchill Downs Racetrack bets on night racing
Cultivating the next generation of horse racing fans

Old becomes new again — Antique and vintage shops growing in popularity
Shoppers finding new purposes for old items

Shale gas boom offers opportunities
Kentucky crafting strategy to land projects and jobs as U.S. energy revolution fuels economic development

Financial innovations help universities tackle campus construction projects
Kentucky institutions of higher learning develop new public-private funding for hundreds of millions in campus capital projects

Is crowdfund investing a game-changer?
Kentucky start-up sector prepares for opening of new small-investor marketplace

General Assembly takes care of business
2013 legislature brought a refreshing change

The (Surgically) Enhanced Executive
Professionals use plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures to enhance personal brand and remain competitive

Learning to work at Berea College
Traditional liberal arts college’s labor program also teaches the ‘soft’ skills in demand today

Kentucky doctor is the new voice of the American Medical Association
As president, Lexington physician Ardis Hoven will be a leading advocate of U.S. doctors and patients

Kentucky’s $5 billion public-private partnership play
Innovative, creative public-private partnerships accelerate infrastructure development, streamline strategies and build jobs

Army’s cuts hit Fort Knox harder
Fort Campbell will ‘reinvest’ most personnel from brigade combat team it is losing

Owensboro’s billion-dollar revival
City tax hike for capital investment during depths of recession kickstarts development, leads to new downtown riverfront

Coal, electricity, EPA and your wallet
Power utilities and industry alike try to assess rising environmental regulation compliance costs

Big economic development in small towns
Kentucky finding success with foreign firms that like the strong bonds they forge in rural communities

Ford Motor Company — 100 years of advanced manufacturing in Kentucky
Celebrating a century of economic impact in Kentucky

Sport horses boost Kentucky’s equine economy
Better facilities, more events are attracting a new breed of farm buyer and driving the equine industry’s growth

Underestimating agribusiness?
Farm receipts top $5.2 billion, but UK economists say overall ag industry revenue is $34 billion

Industrial hemp will grow; will it sell?
Kentucky farmers and politicians eye a new cash crop, but creating a market could take time

Top women in business
Worthy of note: Women who are making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky

One-On-One: Mark Simendinger talks about Kentucky Speedway, the state’s major league sport
Speedway GM discusses the logistics and multilevel marketing involved in NASCAR Sprint Cup Series racing

Price shopping for healthcare pays
Procedure charges vary widely partly to recoup less-than-actual cost reimbursements by Medicare and Medicaid

UPike launches Coleman College of Business
Named for banker Burlin Coleman, program will teach Appalachia to hit the economic curveball

The high-functioning alcoholic
Work performance can hold up for extended periods, but disease process takes its toll

Supreme Court ruling lessens liability exposure
Court clarifies confusing workplace harassment issue

Electronic health records adoption accelerates
Those with electronic health records report better work flow and fewer errors

Rebuilding the housing sector
After five years of decline, Kentucky single family starts up 33 percent in 2013

Cyber security takes discipline
Policies, training are essential with new employees accessing data via mobile devices

Measuring Kentucky’s equine industry
UK study finds a multibillion-dollar financial footing under a signature state economic sector

Telemedicine: High-tech tools, old-fashioned touch
Priorities are increased provider-patient contact and better outcomes

One-On-One: Monty Boyd, president and CEO of Whayne Supply
Boyd discusses his company’s focus on making the right long-term decisions and eliminating short-term errors

Domestic violence and the workplace: Confronting what we don’t want to see
Kentucky initiative is raising awareness that domestic violence can and does visit the workplace

Endowment funds looking longer-term
Investment strategy for Kentucky colleges and universities includes more private equity

And now, the investor farmer
Long-term agribusiness land ventures sprout as asset diversification play and hedge against inflation

Lake Cumberland: An economic engine refuels
Indications are Lake Cumberland visitor numbers rising with water levels after a six-year dam repair

Building ties with Dubai
Delegation visits Persian Gulf emirate described as gateway to Middle East, west Asian and African business

Worthy of note
Women who are making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky

On the boards – December 2013
Kentuckians named to organizational leadership roles

Relaunching Long John Silver’s
Franchisee-focused ownership team plans to rebuild brand with fresher, tastier Good For You Seafood menu

Texting with the right touch
Quick, easy and efficient, text messages are a great business tool but aren’t for every situation

Some ‘green shoots’ in 2014 economy
40 Kentucky leaders offer their economic outlook: Growth for those adapting to ongoing change in markets

2014 legislative session: Power plays of the purse
Budget battles important for public policy initiatives and individual political prospects

2013’s Biggest Court Rulings
Decisions by Kentucky trial, appeal and Supreme Court impact business operations

MCM, Kentucky’s largest accounting firm, succeeds by being different
Led by Diane Medley, only woman running a Top 100 U.S. firm, Mountjoy Chilton Medley markets its services aggressively

Outlook: Growing demand for accounting services
Leaders of major Kentucky CPA firms see multiple positive trends for their professional service

Occupational medicine on the fast track
Kentucky provider systems develop integrated care programs in response to business community demand

One-On-One: Cabinet for Health and Family Services Secretary Audrey Tayse Haynes
Haynes: Health services changes will be ‘turning point in Kentucky history’

Legal Outlook: Growth will continue as optimism spreads
Leaders of Kentucky’s top law firms foresee steady economic improvement as businesses expand

Larger in-house staffs, lower legal spend
Firms provide value via proactive input, close collaboration and clean billing processes

Performing surgery on hospital budgets
Executives work to cut expenses, but not quality, as healthcare reform and price-conscious patients transform the marketplace for major providers

Will Bitcoin pay off?
Internet fad or global game changer, new digital ‘cryptocurrency’ has backers in Kentucky

Return of the virtuous economic cycle?
Financial advisors see overall improvement in 2014 but with plenty of risk to manage along the way

Slow, steady progress is rebuilding bankers’ confidence
Consumer, business and banking balance sheets poised to cautiously begin a virtuous cycle

Construction bids farewell to recession
Kentucky builders get busy providing facilities for manufacturers who want access to major U.S. metro areas

Commercial real estate improving
Consumer confidence on the rise; e-commerce sales increase demand for modern distribution and fulfillment centers

CRA building on historical significance
Lexington-based company is a national leader in construction archaeology

Bee-ginning a new Appalachian industry
Challenges remain, but apiculturists believe Eastern Kentucky can fill growing U.S. demand for honey, wax and bees

$1 billion in bonding for higher education
With a focus on science instruction, Kentucky college and university system gets OK for campus upgrades

Producing more skilled workers
Kentucky public and private sectors teaming up to train skilled workforce big enough for advanced manufacturing needs

D.C. pothole may jolt state road construction
Kentucky transportation budget relies on federal Highway Trust Fund that’s nearing bankruptcy

BEAM laying the foundation for a global brand
Lexington-Louisville collaboration wants the world to recognize and respect ‘Kentucky-made’ products

Kentucky automakers find another gear
Expanded and upgraded assembly lines, workforce training, new industry association fueling the sector

What is the cost of clean energy?
Coal-reliant Kentucky begins the multi-year process to implement new power plant carbon regulations

A Taste of Kentucky
State economic development officials getting word out on the $5 billion food and beverage sector

Assessing combined heat and power
Round-the-clock operations and those with thermal processes are top candidates to benefit from CHP systems

DineTime plans to turn the tables
Restaurant technology provider QSR Automations believes it has recipe for better, more profitable service

Virtual world conquerer
Wes Keltner and Gun Media add a winning videogame launch to list of successes

Will Kentucky farm receipts top $6 billion?
Record livestock prices, strong poultry sector, addition of canola to row-crop lineup contribute to optimistic outlook

Cattle prices at record highs
Profits and row-crop competition cull Kentucky herd to lowest levels in a generation

Economic outlook: Business cycles turning positive
Cheaper, abundant energy shifting U.S. economy into growth period

Thoroughbred market begins another run
Kentucky equine sector sees strong conditions for next three-to-five-year production cycle

Top women in business
Worthy of note: Our latest feature on women who are making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky

Better outcomes for employee-physicians
Market forces keep driving a rapid shift toward continuum-of-care networks; prospects for small private practices are bleak

Insurance industry consolidating
Kentucky M&A deal numbers up in past few years; acquisition rate still rising nationwide

Will nonprofit hospitals lose tax-exempt status?
New ACA transparency requirements force community facilities to be more proactive in promoting public health

Economic development: Better branding in Bowling Green
Motorsports Park presents opportunities for Bowling Green

Can Kentucky join the P3 club?
Legislation allowing private partners to finance public projects still must clear a familiar hurdle

Benefits of ‘lean’ systems roll out across Kentucky
True Lean Certification making a difference

Business valuation is science and art
Professional appraisers use hard assets, revenue, projections, goodwill and ‘street smarts’

Building in lower operational costs
Owners still want facilities fast but will pay more now to make the job cheaper later

Entrepreneurship: It’s more personal than financial
National portrait of Main Street entrepreneurs finds passion and optimism outweigh profit motive

Sudden wealth is hard to hold
Without a tax and investment team, you’ll likely follow lottery winners and pro athletes into bankruptcy

Classic strategy in strange times
Fearful news and market turbulence can distract, but Kentucky wealth managers say stick with traditional investing systems

Erecting medical defenses against Ebola
Africa’s Ebola outbreak unlikely to reach Kentucky, but health providers and systems prepared and on alert

Entrepreneurship: A head start for young start-ups
High-schoolers with big ideas get intensive training in realities of business in Governors School for Entrepreneurs

Can industrial hemp make a comeback?
Advocates in Kentucky see a land-friendly revenue stream within the legal haze

‘Internet of Things’ next change agent?
Businesses learning that big data from connected devices brings better design, efficiency, productivity and earnings

Tobacco as a medicine maker
Kentucky BioProcessing of Owensboro turns plants into pharmaceutical protein producers

Higher ed graduates to competency-based degrees
All-online bachelors programs at UofL, WKU help students and businesses by making marketable skills transparent

Trying to keep coal competitive
Dealing with CO2 is the top goal of UK’s Center for Advanced Energy Research

Kentucky made Indian company feel welcome
Packaging materials maker Flex Films USA now says its $250 million investment is only the beginning

Solid growth is forecast for 2015
Economic recovery established traction in 2014 and most business sectors are investing to meet rising demand and positive forecasts.

Worthy of Note
Women who are making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky

Kentucky Made Indian Company Feel Welcome
Packaging materials maker Flex Films USA now says its $250 million investment is only the beginning

Lane One-on-One: Kent Oyler
Greater Louisville Inc.’s metric for success is regional Using only private funding, CEO Kent Oyler discusses how the reorganized GLI’s focus will attract economic development to the Kentuckiana region By Ed lane Kent Oyler was named president and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc., the metro chamber of commerce, in June 2014. A graduate of the […]

Cover story: High Resolution Healthcare Investment
Kentucky providers pouring millions into imaging for better diagnoses and more precise treatment with better outcomes

Rising Cyber Insecurity
Most executives can estimate their revenue per customer but have difficulty trying to budget the potential costs if their business’ computer systems crash or they are compromised by viruses, other malware or attacked by hackers.

Better Outcomes Via Partnerships
In shifting alignment strategy, more hospitals opting for care affiliation deals rather than full financial merger

One-on-One: Kentucky auto manufacturing finds its voice
KAIA’s executive director, Dave Tatman, discusses developments, advancements opportunities for Kentucky’s manufacturing sector

State angel incentive is a hit
Kentucky startup investors file for most of available tax credit refunds in first quarter

Retail recovery prompts construction
Louisville CBD has an ‘explosion’ of projects; office space attracting more lookers

Statewide broadband by 2018
Public-private partnership with Australian investment firm will build 120-county Internet superhighway

Amazon likes its Kentucky home(s)
State’s fifth largest employer aims to further develop a workforce that has delivered for the world’s largest online retailer

Tax increment financing is a robust multitool
Kentucky’s tax increment incentives help capital costs in many ways

Kentucky’s exports are flying high with aerospace
State is setting records supplying a global aircraft industry – whose backlogs continue to climb

Red e App: Getting the private mobile message
Louisville entrepreneur’s tool is filling business communication gaps in non-office workplaces

Economic development: Why the ‘Work Ready’ tag matters
It has become a nationally recognized measure of local workforce skills for site selectors

The doctor will Skype you now
Patients, providers and care systems all like telemedicine’s ease, convenience and low cost

Your guide to Kentucky MBA programs
There are many programs and methods for pursuing the most popular post-graduate degree

One-on-One: KCTCS President Jay Box
KCTCS President Jay Box explains how the administration and faculty of the community colleges are helping to meet Kentucky’s educational needs

Putting the Ports of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky on the Business Map
Regional cooperation by river cargo operators leads to federal designation as nation’s No. 2 inland port

A Successful Return to Diversity
Kentucky craft distilling and brewing experiencing serious growth by tapping into tradition

Kentucky Improves Film and TV Incentives
Newly improved production business incentives hold promise to boost state’s film and TV sector

One-on-One: Connie Harvey, COO of Commercial Healthcare Business Group, Xerox Services
Connie Harvey is COO of the commercial healthcare business group, which employs 25,000 employees and generates $1 billion in revenue

Stainless Steel’s Kentucky Home
North America’s largest mill poured 1.2 million tons last year, and it’s still growing

More Business, Cheaper Power
Electric utilities have motivation to play pivotal role in Kentucky economic development

Kentuckian Heads AMA … Again
ER specialist Dr. Steven Stack is the second Kentuckian to lead the American Medical Association in recent years

One-on-One: Jeff Garrett, top U.S. numismatic-elect
Rare coins are not a commodity like precious metal, Garrett explains

Triple Crown win improves Kentucky horsemen’s good odds
American Pharoah’s rare racing feat benefits a Thoroughbred sector already in a strong position

Top Women in Business: 2015
The Lane Report’s recurring feature on women who are making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky

SOAR takes off: economic connectivity
High-speed broadband project is first big step toward forging a regional perspective about business in eastern Kentucky

One-on-One: EKU president Michael Benson
Benson finds endless inspiration in advocating the panacea to all public ills

Showcasing the Bluegrass’ best
Breeders’ Cup Festival Week will be a treat for visitors, locals alike

Coal remains an economic cornerstone
Industry says SOAR plans also should include fighting to keep region’s best paying jobs

Putting Your Money Where Your ‘Like’ Is
Louisville’s Swan brothers build successful online investment tech companies by helping consumers trade smarter

On the Boards: October 2015
Kentuckians named to organizational leadership roles

One-on-One: Community Trust CEO Jean Hale
CEO/Chairman Jean Hale explains strategies that grew Pikeville’s Community Trust into the largest Kentucky-domiciled financial institution

Construction spike creating a backlog for designers and builders
Commercial, residential, industrial, education, manufacturing all are making major capital investments across Kentucky

“Mad skills,” madly successful
Louisville-based ad agency Doe-Anderson celebrates 100 years of telling brands’ stories

Louisville: Cyber sector contender
Tech developments could make Louisville one of America’s emerging digital cities

Three-year Outlook: Record Sales
“Be thankful you are in the United States and in the auto industry”

Plan succession sooner rather than later
Successful exits happen after years of smart moves, financial advisers tell retiring baby boomers

Kentucky’s shiny aluminum scenario
Auto sector demand for lighter metal is driving expansion of a $7 billion chunk of state economy

Successful in work and in life
Cutting-edge employee-educator programs make better workers and better people A new adage is beginning to make the rounds, and a lot of people in the Greater Louisville area, especially employers, educators, state officials an students, are hoping it rings true: “There aren’t manufacturing jobs, there are only manufacturing careers.” The thinking behind this highly quotable […]

Logistics, Logistics, Logistics
Central location, transport infrastructure, business climate make Kentucky the go-to for U.S. distribution

One on One: Candace McGraw, CVG CEO
Airport CEO Candace McGraw discusses recruiting carriers and long-term development plans anchored by DHL

Now Entering Silicon Holler
Gigabit service in Jackson and Owsley counties is creating tech job options ahead of statewide KentuckyWired

Communities’ Do-It-All Partner
Kentucky’s Area Development Districts funnel billions into services from road planning to senior care

The Art of Workforce Development
Injecting STEAM curriculum into education programs aims to build innovative thinking into math, science skills

Trio Tackles Intractable Challenges in Frankfort
Gov. Matt Bevin, Senate President Robert Stivers and House Speaker Greg Stumbo face difficult budget writing decisions

One-on-One: Owensboro Health CEO Phillip Patterson
CEO Philip Patterson says commitment to community hospital mission is improving system’s financial health

Kentucky’s Living Legend Bourbon Distillers
Decades of dedication to quality have bourbon a $3 billion industry in Kentucky

Legal Practice Makes Profits in 2015
Firms that are keeping up with growing demand in a fast-changing economy expect a prosperous year

CPAs Counting On Best Year in a Decade
Online sales benefit the logistics sector, while the construction, healthcare and bourbon industries continue to be strong


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